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Since publishing the Woody and TreeBike pages, I received a steady stream of recumbent e-mail. Many of those writing have shared their experiences and in some cases also photos of their recumbent projects. The intent of this page is to further share some of these great bikes.

What is Recumbent Share?

Recumbent Share is a spot where recumbent bike home-builders are sharing their bikes with you!



A note here on contacting these builders. I do not publish photos, design information or contact information without permission. Many builders have chosen to be available directly via e-mail (that info is on their pages linked below but may now be outdated).

A special 'Thanks' to all of those folks who have shared their recumbent building experiences.

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It seems fitting that the recumbent section of this site began with a wood-framed bike, my 'Woody' and now will close with another wood-framed recumbent. ss

June - 2010 Nickolas Davies, from the UK has built - and is in the process of refining, a cool Wood-Framed recumbent . Good luck Nickolas! You can see this bike in action on YouTube.

...2003 I know, out of sequence, but this was just sent in (Dec. 2010). Back in 2003 Alex Calothis built an innovative front-wheel-drive low racer recumbent. Check it out.
...2010  Marc Cornelis, from Belgium sent in these photos of a pair of good looking short wheelbase recumbents. Also you'll see a shot of his first 'recumbent', a front-wheel-drive upright conversion.
June - 2010  Barry Millman built this nice practical trike without welding. Quite a project! You can check out the construction details and a short video of the trike in action on his web site.

June - 2010 Andy Van Herwynen put together this nice, scratch-built short wheelbase recumbent and it has proven itself in some tough riding. Back in 2007 Andy sent in info on his first bike, also a SWB. He has ridden both bikes the challenging RAGBRAI, a ride across Iowa. Check them out!
    February - 2010 Timothy Wooi has buily a nice recumbent trike that he uses to promote a simple, green lifestyle. Also on his page... an Electric-Assist version of this trike. Very cool!

Koit Kulper Trike
December -2009  Koit Kulper has constructed a truly unique side-by-side 'tandem' recumbent trike. Among its many features is independent gearing for each rider. Much more too.
October - 2012 Koit has built a new aluminum-framed single trike. Check out the cool steering linkage and custom hubs!
November -2009  Emilio Cantu, who lives in Brazil, sent in this photo of his first homebuilt recumbent. He is currently working on a second and you can check on its progress on his blog, in Portuguese.
October - 2009  Michael Jordan has built a really cool, all aluminum, recumbent trike. This was his first homebuilt trike and it looks like a winner!
October - 2009 - Updated December 2009.  Back in October G. David Mackey completed a wood-framed short-wheelbase recumbent. Total cost: just a bit over $25! And it rides nice too. Check out the elegant custom seat! Overall a great job of recycling old bike parts into an inexpensive, ride-able recumbent. Check out his most recent, crash inspired modifications.
October - 2009  Ed Poste spent nearly three years building this cool carbon fiber composite trike, finishing it back in 2007. Now, two years later, he has followed through with some nice revisions making this great looking trike even lighter.
April - 2009  Dan Brown, who lives in the U.K., has put together a recumbent from parts of several old bikes and has come up with a winner.
February - 2009  Bill McKay sent in photos of his most recent and last(?) recumbent creation. Like his previous bikes this one incorporates some unique features. Back in April 2007 Bill built his sixth recumbent and it was another winner. And I thought his previous bikes were unique! We still have info on his previous bike here too.  (Updated July 2009)
Updated October - 2009 - Joey Wallace asked me to pick a couple of his fifteen (15) recumbents to highlight on the site. My picks: "Deltoyd", a long wheelbase trike and "BullDog", his electric-assist trike. Check them out!
December 2008 - Colin Morrison, from the Scottish Highlands, sent in this photo of his wood-framed, short wheelbase recumbent. Nice looking bike!
November 2008 - Patrick Lew sent along photos of his recently completed short wheelbase recumbent. It is based upon the 'Hyper Cycle'™ design with some nice modifications.

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September 2008 - (Updated December 2009) Stephen Smith is still in the building process on this compact short-wheelbase recumbent but it is looking good so far. Check out the multi-gear drive train.
September 2008 - Paul Borja wrote from the Philippines and sent along a photo of his new long-wheelbase recumbent. This bike was inspired by my "Woody" and Paul has done a great job on it!
March 2008 - David Burchell, from England, built this wood-framed recumbent with under-seat steering. After a bit of testing he decided to add above-seat steering as well and handling is improved. This may well be the only recumbent with both above- and under-seat steering!
March 2008 - John Reynoldson wrote from Australia with a link his homebuilt Carbon Fiber, Short-Wheelbase recumbent project. He has step-by-step photos of the process he used building this sharp-looking bike. 
December 2007 Update - Back in July John M. Rankin built the first version of this nice looking short-wheelbase, under-seat steering recumbent starting with his Grandson's 'Kid's Mountain Bike" (with permission). Then, in December he officially proclaimed "Krankinstien' to finished. John has put some significant miles on this good looking bike!
September 2007 - Rafael Bautista form the Philippines built this cool Front Drive/Rear-Steer recumbent trike. I've included a close-up of the lean-steering and his non-steering front end setup. A few weeks later Rafael sent in some photos of his latest trike project. He has been a busy builder!
Pennerbike August 2007 - Pastor Marvin Penner Has built a couple of recumbents, one with a medium long wheelbase and the other a good looking, laid-back Front Wheel Drive. He has used a unique technique to pivot the under-seat steering - check it out!
April 2007 - R. Welker built four recumbents in the month of March, 2007. He has sent in photos of a long-wheelbase bike and a unique trike.
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April 2007 - Bob McCutcheon has put together this sharp looking 20-20 short-wheelbase recumbent. Though it is still pretty new, Bob reports that it handles well. A nice clean looking bike!
March 2007 - Peter Jones kids asked him for a "Go Cart" and he built them this very nice trike from recycled bikes and other scrounged materials. Check out the cool sunshade!
February 2007 - Jack Janes from Kentucky built this recumbent from aircraft aluminum and an old Raleigh 27" upright bike. Looks good and rides well too.

January 2007 - Leo just finished this good looking trike - adjustable seat and all. This was a major project and it looks like it turned out great!

Also, back in October 2005 Leo sent in a few shots of his custom homebuilt recumbents. Check out the cool seat and U-jointed steering arrangement. He has built both medium and looong wheelbase bikes.
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June 2006 - Way back in 2003 Handley Jackson shared some of his experiences building a couple of recumbent bikes. Now he has put together a nice looking Recumbent Trike.
June 2006 - Bob Rupert has built a fun-looking super-short-wheelbase Trike and a two-wheeler too. That is one sharp-turning trike!
April 2006 - Canaan built this long wheelbase recumbent from a one of many mountain bike frames he has stored up. Nice conversion!
April 2006 - Amador Francisco Bouza from Portugal put together this front wheel drive leaning trike from a BMX bike and found materials. A very creative design well executed.
March 2006 - Ed Atkins Has built a cool front wheel drive low racer-type recumbent. He has a web page on which he offers plans... (sorry, this web site is no longer active)
January 2006 - A.D. Carson has been busy building and here is his "current best ride". Check out his web site: 
January 2006 - Mark Rehorst finished this full suspension recumbent last August. You can the construction process at his web site: 

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December 2005 - Steve Rinker built this clean and fast looking Short Wheelbase recumbent. The only new component was the front tire, and that only cost $5.
December 2005 - Henry Holmstrand has sent in this photo and construction notes from Sweden. He has put together a nice 'Tour Easy' type recumbent.
August 2005 - Martijn Monné, an engineering student in the Netherlands, built this wood recumbent on a budget and it looks great! I especially like the simple, straightforward methods he used to attach the metal bike components to the wood frame.
June 2005 - Harri Mommo from Finland built this short-wheelbase low recumbent. A nice bike from a country where riding is taken seriously. Soon Harri will have a web site showing step-by-step how this bike was built.
  June 2005 (Updated from October 2001) - Zach has finished his cool Wood-framed Medium-wheelbase Recumbent. This very well thought out and executed bike, from Finland has been in progress for a few years. Looks good!!

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January 2006 (Update) James now has a web site where he offers plans for his bikes: Also he has redesigned his Low Racer to a 'High Racer'. That is, a recumbent with 26" front and rear wheels. 
June 2005 (Updated from January 2003) - James Robinson is still at it! Click on the link to the left and see his plans for a Wood-Framed Sailing Recumbent Trike (for use on land). The sail transforms into a fairing when riding into headwinds. Check this out!
James completed his "2 x 4 Low Racer" in 2003 and created a nice set of plans for it. The plans are now, (2005) available in Adobe PDF format. Click on the plans graphic on the left to see more of this cool bike.
Previously James had built this long-wheelbase recumbent.
May, 2005 - Charlie Little has put together a unique front wheel drive, rear wheel steering recumbent trike. This trike is getting a lot of attention wherever it's ridden.
May, 2005 - Mark Everett sent in photos of his first homebuilt recumbent, now three years old, and also of his current project. He says he hopes to have it completed by June, 2005. 
April, 2005 - Pete Pace from western Montana has put together a recumbent that looks familiar! It is similar to 'Woody' but with some styling and construction refinements. A nice job!

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April, 2005 - Here is Chris Chausse's new homebuilt recumbent. He has nearly all new components and has done a nice job on construction - a solid, inexpensive bike.
October,2004 - Ray Young put this recumbent together for $28! A nice, solid conversion.
February, 2004 - Alan Jarrett sent along a couple of photos from his excellent web site: - Lots of interesting stuff, from building a dirt-cheap recumbent to nutrition.
November, 2003 - Paul Walters has built several bikes and trikes. His trikes have a unique front wheel mounting. His current project, an Optima Barron look-alike is nearing completion and looking good.
October, 2003 - Eric Kragness put this wood-framed recumbent together using a hollow plywood frame and rear suspension from a 20" mountain bike. Wood bike cobbling at its best!

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September, 2003 -- Handley Jackson built this metal-framed short wheelbase recumbent for less than $50. Quite a bargain for such a sharp looking bike.
June, 2003 - Dick Scalone has been building bikes out of wood for quite a while; including this 4-Wheeler and two 2-Wheelers. 
June, 2003 - Adrian Hensen has built a nice compact-long-wheelbase bike
Updated Nov. 2003 - Child-sitting solution...

May, 2003 - Ron is still at it. Here is his latest, a short-wheelbase yellow commuter. 

January, 2000 - "I don't think the bike looks too bad for something that I basically winged.  I probably really lucked out.  I'm thinking in terms of a SWB model next so that I'll have some experience with both types before I spend real money on building my final commuting machine.  Right now though I'm having fun just building bikes out of junk.  Just this morning I found an old huffy at the dump that has a great looking headset and front forks. Sometimes things just fall into place." - Ron H.

May, 2003 - W. Bruce Smith is hard at it in the shop, building this short-wheelbase bike (with a few tips from Ron Horvath (above).  This 'Sandwich' frame building technique is cool. Can't wait to see the completed bike.
May, 2003 - Brad Graham has built this LOW bike... and a lot of non-recumbents too. He is writing a book on the subject, "THE ATOMIC ZOMBIE'S BICYCLE BUILDER'S (AND CUSTOMIZER'S) BONANZA" His web site is
April, 2003 - Sandor Fule, from Hungary, sent along the link to his recumbent web site. He has made a nice, low-tech bike that as he says, "I avoided sophisticated technologies and materials, all what I used is available at every corner of the world."

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December, 2002 - Esteban Pascazzi, from Argentina has built a cool Short Wheelbase Wood Recumbent in his home. Check it out...
August, 2002 - Jamie Green (with the assistance of his son Tanner) put together this compact long-wheelbase recumbent. Looks as though it is getting some real use.
  June, 2002 (Update) - I figured I should update you on the situation. What I learned from that [previous trike] project and further research I put into a second leaning trike. This time, I designed it from the ground up using parts from regular bikes. I named it "Shinpo" which in Japanese means "advance(d). "It is supported by springs via cables (the mechanism is very light and simple) and the handlebars can be rolled to control the amount of lean desired. It's quite natural once one gets used to it. The roof is quite easy to take off by hand.  
March, 2002 - Louis has shared with us photos of his new quite-long wheelbase recumbent. It is being ridden on the streets of Toronto.
  January, 2002 - Michael S. built this bike in less than a month from plans from Easy Racers a few years ago. He says, "The bike is great. The only problem is the longest amount of time I can ride is about 10-15 min. because everyone is stopping you and asking where they can get one." 
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  October, 2001 - Bill Meacham has built himself a sturdy aluminum-framed homebuilt recumbent. He sent along pictures of his bike and also of his son and daughter enjoying it. His daughter is riding an 'allycat' ad-on making this one of the longest bikes on the road. You can contact Bill at or visit his web site at:... 
September, 2000 - Jerome M.'s plans for a Long Wheelbase Recumbent


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