Steve's Recumbent Archives

Here are a few 'Late Arrivals"  2011 - 2013

Nicholas Davies' Recumbent Project November 2013 - Nikolas Davies early version - later model in aluminum, soon to be in carbon fiber. Ongoing... 
Stani Stanev's Homebuilt Recumbent  March 2013 - Stanimir Stanev is traveling in Asia on his homebuilt recumbent. Click the photo at left to see more.
June 2012 - Hezi Ismach

This is a photo of my off-road recumbent 
VLWB, 270 cm long
Weight distribution = 50% : 50%
Accelerates like a rocket, remote steering linkage, very good handling. Very steady"

October 2011 - Daniel Imhoff, Argentina

"In the photo you can see my creation.

The Future Is Now "GO!" can go 62 Km x H speed."
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