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Chuck Little's Homebuilt Recumbent Trike - May, 2005

And now for something completely different... (as Monty Python used to say). Chuck Little, of Mansfield, Arkansas has come up with this really cool and innovative recumbent trike. Front wheel drive and real wheel(s) steering. I like it a lot! Check out his building comments below.

Chuck's comments on construction of this unique trike:

Thanks to your website for giving me inspiration to build this, my first bent trike! It is a Delta Trike, rear steering, front wheel drive. The rear end is welded 2" thin wall square tubing. That is a head tube mounted on the 3 ft. wide crossarm which allows the rear end to pivot for steering. 20" wheels with caliper brakes. I used a ladies 15 speed bike purchased for $20 to make the drive section. Very little was actually done to modify it consisting of cutting out a section of the seat tube, lowering the seat stays. Cut a groove into the head tube with a sawzall and inserted it into the square tubing and welded it up with a little extra bracing. The bike frame was simply flipped over frontwards so it was a pretty easy build which only took a couple of days. I mounted the old handlebars under the seat to attach the gear selectors. My steering comes from parts of three different handlebars, cut and welded to extend to my sides and used an office chair for the seat. It is a very comfy ride and has been all over town where I get mixed response. The younger crowd all want one and the older bunch looks at me like I'm nuts for being seen on such a contraption! My next project will be to build one along the same lines out of the same material and a few changes to add...or the 2x4 Low Racer from James Robinson's plans. Hard to decide! 

I like talking about building this trike and seems like lots of folks are liking it due to the simple design and the steering is not all that bad once you get used to it. I'm now a certified recumbent-aholic! Can't wait to build another one!

Charlie Little

June 2007 Update:  Charlie says he sold this trike on E-Bay to a lucky fellow from Texas. His next project will be a Thunderbolt MK II from Ricky Horwitz plans.

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