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Pastor Marvin Penner's Homebuilt Recumbents - 8/2007  + UPDATE 

Pastor Marvin Penner sent these photos of two of his recumbent projects, along with the following comments. Be sure to read his comments at the bottom of this page regarding steering issues on his nicely done Front Wheel Drive recumbent.


"The yellow bike I call "Suncatcher". I have over 4000kms on it now. It is very comfortable. For the under seat steering I used a large fine thread nut and bolt. It has a little play in it but it has worked flawlessly."   

Here is a photo of the steering pivot mentioned above.

This is a cool idea! Create a very secure pivot by welding a large, 
perhaps 1/2" or 5'8" fine-thread nut to a bracket (adjustable) or small reinforcing plate (permanent), then weld a matching bolt section to the pivoting part. 

By using nice-fitting grade 5 hardware and being careful to not damage the threads, this should work great. So much simpler than fancy bearings and a shaft that passes through the frame member.



"The MBB FWD is another good project. I had to cut it apart and redo it three times to get the geometry working. It took a while to learn to ride it but it goes good now. It really cuts through the wind with ease. Unfortunately I think I will be taking it apart to use parts of it on another project. I find that it kind of defeats the purpose of a recumbent. Having to use the handlebars to counter the steering effects of the peddling just does not lend itself the relaxed meditative ride of the Suncatcher."

UPDATE - May, 2010

"I never did cut it apart.
After buying a Bike-e for my wife I tried the bike the way it is but with two 20" wheels.
The smaller wheels made a big improvement. It handles much better, pedal-induced steering is greatly reduced and of course 'arrow dynamics' is even better. I think I'll be keeping it as it is with the smaller wheels."

Marvin Penner

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