Steve's Recumbent Archives

Way back in 1997 & 98 I built a couple of wood-framed recumbent bikes, Woody & Treebike, (left and right in the photo above) and shared those projects here on our web site. We received a lot of e-mails from other folks who had built their own recumbent bikes and I began posting photos and a little information about them on my 'Recumbent Share' page. Over time that page grew to well over 50 bikes. Additionally, each of those bikes had its own small web page.

Recently, January of 2023, Google advised me that all those old pages no longer fit their specifications for mobile devices so I had to do something. Rather than just delete all those pages I decided to gradually update them but it is going to take some time so please bear with me on this.

A special thanks to those who shared their recumbent projects here.

 Nickolas Davies   Alex Calothis   Marc Cornelis
  Barry Millman   Andy Van Herwynen   Timothy Wooi  
Koit Kulper   Emilio Cantu   Michael Jordan
  G. David Mackey   Ed Poste   Dan Brown

  Bill McKay   Joey Wallace   Colin Morrison
  Patrick Lew   Stephen Smith   Paul Borja
  David Burchell   John Reynoldson   John M. Rankin
Rafaels Recumbents  Rafael Bautista Pennerbike  Marvin Penner   R. Welker

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  Bob McCutcheon   Peter Jones   Jack Janes
  Leo   Handley Jackson   Bob Rupert
  Canaan   Amadore  F. Bouza   Ed Adkins
  A.D. Carson   Mark Rehorst   Steve Rinker

  Henry Holmstrand   Martijn Monné   Harri Mommo
  Zack   James Robinson   Charlie Little
  Mark Everett   Pete Pace   Chris Chausse
  Ray Young   Alan Jarrett   Paul Walters

  Eric Kragness   Handley Jackson   Dick Scalone
  Adrian Henson   Ron H.   W. Bruce Smith
  Brad Graham   Sandor Fule   Esteban Pascazzi
  Jamie Green   Gary P.   Louis
  Michael S.   Bill Meacham   Jerome M.
  Late comers ...
Later Arrivals

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