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  ManyTracks Homesteading 
Sue Robishaw
~ Steve Schmeck
Living Green in a Multicolored World

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Self-sufficient Life Off-grid

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How-to  ~  Ideas  ~  Inspiration
 From more than thirty years having a good time living a sustainable life
in the northwoods of Michigan's Upper Peninsula

    Greetings! Here you'll find homesteading articles, how-to, and information on a variety of subjects (see menu at left). The thread which runs through them all is the somewhat elusive concept called homesteading - the Simple Life - living green - self-sufficient living. Whatever you call it we think it's a great way to live, philosophically and down-home practically. It is satisfying, if sometimes hectic. But we have fun in the living and we hope you enjoy the browsing.
We'll be adding to the selections from time to time, so do check back. Some of the articles are updates to our book, "Homesteading Adventures".

          Homesteading Cheers!      Sue Robishaw and Steve Schmeck

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updated 12/23/2015
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