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Hiking the Upper Peninsula
with Steve & Sue


Sue & Steve hiking the North Country Trail

Ashford Lake Pathway
Bruno's Run

Days River Pathway
Escanaba NMV Pathway
Indian Lake Pathway
Little Presque Isle

McKeever Hills Trail
North Country Trail
other trails
Presque Isle Park
Pine Martin Run
Rapid River Ski Trail
Seney WL Refuge
Valley Spur

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 From more than forty years having a good time living a sustainable life
in the northwoods of Michigan's Upper Peninsula

     For years, decades even, hiking was something we talked about, thought about, were interested in, but didn't very often fit into our active lives. Though if we were to wear a pedometer around the homestead we certainly added up enough steps to quality for a hike most any day! And we did enjoy many really nice walks and hikes through the years, including some time spent working on the AuTrain section of the North Country Trail. It just hadn't come regularly into our lives in a bigger way. But that was soon to change.
     It was the first of December 2020 and we still had bare ground and mild temperatures. Unusual. The wood shed was full, the garden and orchard ready for winter, fall chores done and we'd even done a number of "spring" projects. We had few commitments. The rifle deer hunting season was now over so we could once again walk in the woods. So we did. 
Trips to town became reasons to check out different hiking spots. Without snow the cross-country ski trails turned into wonderful walking trails. We discovered trails we had never been on, all within 50 miles of home, close by our standards. Later in January when there was a little bit of snow cover, but too little for snowmobiles, we left the ski trails (though barely enough snow the skiiers were getting anxious and making do with what they had, and we didn't want to mess up their trails by walking on them). But we found the snowmobile trails were a close second for good hiking, especially if there had been a few intrepid snowmobile or ATVs to make a packed base.
More snow did eventually arrive so we donned our well-worn snowshoes. The skiiers enjoyed their trails, the snowmobilers traveled their home routes, and we checked out other trails. Thankfully there is never an "off" season for hiking! But since the warmer months are pretty busy times for us on the homestead, the colder months are our main hiking season -- the weather may be nippy but there are no mosquitoes or black flies!

Below is our hiking log (generally not including walks of less than two hours), starting in December 2021. Click on the date to go to that trail's page for full description/stories, map and photos of each hike, in chronological order on the page (so scroll to the bottom for the latest).  ~~~  You can also get to the individual trails via the links on the menu bar above right.

hemlock woods on trail at Seney Wildlife RefugeNovember 29, 2021 -- Seney National Wildlife Refuge

A few days ago I ran across a mention of Cross Country Ski Trails at Seney Wildlife Refuge. Seney? Sure enough, they have made trails around and through the small area of upland ridges on the Refuge -- the Northern Hardwoods Hiking/Cross Country Ski trails. This was something that required looking into.

Days River Nature Trail signNovember 24, 2021 -- the Days River Nature Trail          

Since it was only mid afternoon when we left the Escanaba Pathway we decided this might be the day to check out the small Days River Nature Trail on the way home. We'd passed it by many times because of wet ground but we expected it might be dry enough now.

ridge trail on Loop1 Escanaba PathwayNovember 24, 2021 -- Checking for Trail Markers on the Escanaba Pathway           

An appointment in Gladstone today meant a good excuse to head on over to the Escanaba Pathway to see if they had put up any more trail markers. It was 45 degrees, hazily sunny, a bit windy but no precipitation -- we just had to go for a walk somewhere.

large pines at Days River PathwayNovember 19, 2021 -- Days River Loop 5 Beckons

It was cool, not yet above freezing, but the forecast was for low 30's, with light wind, and dry -- a day made for hiking. Since it was still firearm deer hunting season we figured Days River Pathway would be one of the safer places to walk in the woods.

McKeever Hills hillNovember 10, 2021 -- McKeever Hills

No casual sauntering here! Surrounded by lakes and woods and hills and valleys, and the popular Bruno's Run Trail, resides this amazing "for advanced skiiers only" trail. Whahoo!!! Be prepared. We'll for sure go back again.

2015 Subaru ImprezaNovember 7, 2021 -- AuTrain Beach / Valley Spur

Too cold for bare feet beach walking in the water but it was a pleasing hike on the sand at AuTrain Beach. Then we headed on over to Valley Spur to walk some trail in this beautiful woods as the trees continued their change over to bare branches. It was our 'new' Subaru Impreza's first road trip! It did great.

mature bog flowers Rapid River Ski TrailNovember 1, 2021 -- Rapid River Ski Trail

The significant ups and downs of the Rapid River Trail was a perfect match to the significant ups and downs of November weather. A perfect start to the month revisiting these fun trails in a much dryer season than our last visit.  

NCT north of Marquette, rocksOctober 29, 2021 -- NCT - Noquemanon Marquette North Trails

This is a wonderful and popular trail system with wonderfully varied terrain. This trip had far fewer mosquitoes and black flies (hurray!!) than our last hike here, so we went on a bit farther.

boardwalks at the Escanaba PathwayOctober 21, 2021 -- Escanaba Pathway

Since we'd had a fairly dry season we decided to give the west end of the trail a second chance, and found some happy surprises.

AuTrain BeachOctober 1, 2021 -- AuTrain Beach

This is a walk we did many times this summer; one of our favorite places. On this warm October day we went up for possibly the last bare foot beach and water walk for the year, soaking up this special patch of Lake Superior.

Bruno's Run wet sectionMay 5, 2021 -- Bruno's Run Full Circle

We knew we wanted to walk the entire Bruno's Run Trail, about 11 miles, and wanted it warm enough to be able to enjoy our breaks. But also before "they" arrived. No doubts about it, today was the day. Low 40's, brisk cold north wind, mostly sunny. Perfect.

Rapid River Ski Trail AprilApril 25, 2021 -- Walking the Skating Loops at Rapid River Ski Trail

With a stretch of rain/snow/sleet days forecast today was the last day to get in a hike before those indoor days started. When we'd been on the Rapid River Ski Trail in December it had been well wooded with wind-blocking conifers, just right for this north-wind day.

Days River Pathway MapApril 16, 2021 -- Days River

After more than a week without a long walk we were ready to hit the trails. And since today was expected to be in the mid 40's, almost partly sunny, no rain, and less than gale force winds it was a day for a hike, though there was a bit of a brisk north wind to contend with.

Steve by big rocks of Little Presque Isle PointApril 6, 2021 -- Little Presque Isle

A coming rainy spell meant get in one more hike before. It was foggy, mid 40's cool, and there was mention of wind and scattered showers but this was our day to go to Marquette and walk the awesome Little Presque Isle trail along the Lake, starting farther north at the parking lot near the Point and the Isle.

April 5, 2021 -- Re-visiting Indian Lake PathwayIndian Lake Pathway boggy first loop April

When we walked the local snowmobile trail Saturday we passed by two spots where the Indian Lake Pathway trail crosses, a reminder that we wanted to walk that trail now that the snow was gone, and before mosquito season, since we had guessed that the lower Loop area might be wet. Today we had to go into Manistique so we stopped on our way home to walk the now bare trail.

April 3, 2021 -- A Long Walk North-Northeastsnowmobile-orv trail among red pine plantation

Warm weather - light south wind - sunshine, the odd weather pattern continues. We enjoyed working on the homestead yesterday and this day we decided to enjoy a long hike. Not inclined to drive anywhere we walked out our front door north, then east along the local snowmobile trail, now ORV two-track. We were on our way by 10:30 and it was already warm in the low 40's.

bog at Days River PathwayMarch 25, 2021 -- Bare Ground at Days River!

What a difference a few weeks can make. We had stopped by Days River a a week ago on our way home from Escanaba to find the trail melting but still pretty muddy and quite a bit of ice and packed snow. Today we were in the mood for a longer hike and were pretty sure Days River paths would be clear. And they were!

March 23, 2021 -- Little Bay de Noc Rec Area mapTown Hikes Can be Nice, too - and Finding Little Gems

Last week we walked for a couple of hours around Escanaba with hiking friends, enjoying spending time together and walking their home paths, talking about hikes past and those to come. One doesn't need to be on a woods trail to enjoy a hike. On our way home we added to the day by heading down Stonington Peninsula to check out the Bayshore Trail along Little Bay de Noc.

March 19, 2021 -- Going South - to FayetteFayette State Park upper trail

Going south to avoid the snow is a normal part of life for many in the U.P. so we decided to give it a try. Our snow is melting (very fast this year) but the packed paths are still pretty much covered with hard to walk slush, ice, or packed snow. So we headed south (about 26 miles) to Fayette State Park on the Garden Peninsula. We were pretty sure the snow would be gone there and (for the most part) it was.

March 13, 2021 -- Around the Country Block, plus

It was a great forecast - sunny, high of 52 degrees. Wow! We'd walk the block, maybe take a lunch, go a little farther to find a spot to sit and bask in the sun. The roads would be clear of snow, maybe a bit muddy in spots but it should be good walking.

March 9, 2021 -- Revisiting the North Country TrailNCT Trailhead marker across from Valley Spur

A snowbank had been plowed up blocking the NCT trail entrance across the road from Valley Spur. But there was a clear fresh NCT marker visible beyond and we knew the trail was there, or at least had been. It had been ten or fifteen years since we'd been on that trail. We clumsily (in snowshoes) climbed up and over the bank and began our re-acquaintance with this great trail section.

March 9, 2021 -- Valley Spur's Snowman Snowshoe Trail

On a trip to Marquette we tossed in our snowshoes in case we might be able to get a walk in somewhere. We knew they'd still have snow up north. We could have just walked in town but decided to stop at Valley Spur on our way home and take a quick walk on whatever version of little snowshoe trail they had. There was indeed the common short Bunny Loop but to our surprise also a longer 2.6 mile long snowshoes-only Loop.

snowmobile trail creek crossing at Days River PathwayMarch 4, 2021 -- A Quick Walk at Days River Pathway, that was the Plan
March 4, 2021 -- Or was that the Snowmobile Trail Plan?

Since we we'd had a good work-out with yesterday's hike this was a no-hike day. But it was so beautiful out, clear blue, sunny, almost warm and Days River was right on our way home from a trip to Esky. We'd just stop and see how the trails looked. And maybe a quick loop around the snowshoe path would be nice to stretch our legs.

Bruno's Run trail map smallMarch 3, 2021 -- Checking Out Bruno's Run

The forecast was for partly cloudy (which we read as Partly Sunny), low 30's and light wind. The trails would be well frozen. Should be easy to walk. We decided to head north and walk another piece of Bruno's Run.

Fox Road clear of snow - thumbnailFebruary 27, 2021 -- ManyTracks - Hint of Spring

Not everyone can get excited about muddy roads but this was a beautiful sight to us. Clear blue sky, above freezing temperature, and roads clear of snow -- so we went for another walk around the neighborhood block.

hiking Ashford Lake trails in February

February 25, 2021 -- A New Trail - Ashford Lake Pathway

A little known, little used, old DNR Pathway that was only 30 miles from home - we had to check this one out. So next trip to Manistique we took along snowshoes and packs and headed north of town to see if this unknown trail was worth exploring.

Reid's corner February snow bankdsFebruary 17, 2021 -- ManyTracks - Checking Out the Neighborhood

Upper teens, clear blue skies, light south-sw wind -- a beautiful day. After a few weeks of February-cold temperatures and colder wind chills this forecast sounded downright balmy. A walk was in order.

snowshoe tracks in fresh snowFebruary 11, 2021 -- ManyTracks - First Longer Snowshoe Hike of the Season

Though it was only an hour and a half I figure it rates as a 3 hour hike since it was plenty long on snowshoes this early in the season (I know, it's mid February, full into winter, but since our first real snow only came last week it is early for those snowshoeing muscles). Besides, we did take hot drink and snacks, so it was a hike.

February 3, 2021 -- Escanaba Pathway - Sun Today, Snow Tomorrow
February 3, 2021 -- Days River Pathway

Since this was possibly the last chance for awhile to walk the trails without snowshoes (depending on what really happens with the forecasted storm) we, of course, took advantage of the beautiful sunny calm 28-32 degree day to hike. Having spent 3 hrs at the Escanaba Pathway we didn't have a lot of time left in the day but we wanted to take at least a short hike at Days River on the way home.

Indian Lake Pathway FebruaryFebruary 1, 2021 -- Starting February with the Indian Lake Ski Trail

Only 8 miles from home is a nice little 4.5 mile hiking/biking/skiing DNR trail - the Indian Lake Pathway. Since it was a beautiful, upper 20's, calm wind, partly cloudy day, and we had need to go into Manistique, we decided to look into this trail on our way home.  

Days River Snomobile mapJanuary 29, 2021 -- Clear Blue Sky and Beautiful Sunshine -- Revisiting SnoMo2

True 100% sun this time, right from the get-go. What a boost. Of course, we had to go hiking. It was a bit cool at 15 degrees when we left home but it was heading up and was in the low 20's for the hike, with hardly any wind. What a beautiful day! ... ... A little more than 3 hours later, as the sun was dropping behind the trees and it was cooling off, we were back at the car.

January 23, 2021 -- Sunshine and a New Trail Section - Rapid River Snowmobile2Sue on Rapid River snowmobile trail

With the promise of sunshine and calm winds we decided to head out for a hike this afternoon. Very little new snow in the south-central U.P. which meant the snowmobile trails would still be OK to walk. It was a bit cool in the low 20's but we had plenty of layers ... ... We felt good after a very nice three hours on the trail.

January 13, 2021 -- Sunshine! Clear Skies! -- Bruno's Run 2Bruno's Run Indian River

We awoke this morning to a rare day -- stars in the sky turning into clear dawn and the sun coming up into a beautiful cloudless blue. ... So we chose our destination and after an early lunch headed north to Bruno's Run to hike the south-west part of that trail, starting at Widewaters.

January 10, 2021 -- Back to Days River and SnoMo2snowmobile trail 2 west south map

This time we knew where we were headed -- the short Days River Pathway hike/snowshoe trail to the ORV/ snowmobile2 trail where we turned south instead of north over the bridge as we'd done last week. Another mild cloudy day, no new snow, calm, about 32 degrees - like a film strip stuck in rewind/replay, same weather we'd been having for quite some time now.

January 9, 2021 -- Is it a Hike or a Walk -- Days River Pathway

January 9, 2021 -- Is it a Hike or a Walk -- Snowmobile Trail #2creek at Days River Pathway

The new year begins, and the hiking continues. No new snow so we're still in boots, enjoying still walking on almost bare ground. ... we decided to check out the Days River Pathway Snowshoe Track. ... ... But to our surprise, halfway around the hiking/snowshoe trail, it crossed an ORV/snowmobile trail (SnoMo2) at the bridge. A wide, snow-covered, groomed, trail! A delightful place to walk.

Post by Steve Hiking - What a great way to keep fit and see the world.  January 2021

A new year, and the hiking adventure continues.

12-22-2020 -- Longer Days! Off to Days River PathwayDays River Pathway

The first of the longer days made a good reason to celebrate - with a hike! And the Days River Pathway seemed an appropriate destination. I know we'll continue to have beautiful days but today was likely the last of this warm dry stretch and, depending on whether or not there is any real snow accumulation with the forecasted storm, may be the end of walking on the ski trails.

12-20-2020 -- Celebrating the Solstice!! at Bruno's RunSteve at McKeever on Bruno's Run

With light snow cover, light wind, the promise of longer days to come -- we simply had to start our Solstice celebration with a hike. We started out with the sun shining through the hardwoods, though clouds took over the sky as we went along, but the temperature stayed plus or minus 32, with little wind down in the woods. This is a wonderful single track...

December 18, 2020 -- A Day Off ... to Marquette and Presque IslePresque Isle Park Lake Superior

Today was a "day off" from hiking. Instead we headed up to Marquette to go shoe shopping, something becoming increasingly needed since both of us had hiking shoes with "issues". ... We got lunch, went out to our favorite and usual spot at Presque Isle Park to eat, watch the choppy waves on the Lake as the wind picked up. ... around to the other side, added a few layers, and walked along the black rock area and up into the woods. ...


December 17, 2020 -- Still No Snow - Checking out the Escanaba NMV TrailEscanaba Pathway map

We had to go to Escanaba and we'd have time for a short hike. So we decided to check out the nearby Escanaba Recreational Non-motorized Pathway ... They say it is for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in the winter; and hiking, biking, running in the summer. With a couple feet of snow I'm sure it will be a nice cross country ski trail. But the hiking, biking, running is a bit overstated, at least at the south-east section... ...


December 15, 2020 -- A New Day, A New Trail at Rapid RiverRapid River Ski trail B

It just keeps happening - another good day to go for a hike. A little colder than the last one but not too much, 23 to begin with and calm, partly sunny (hurray!) and it warmed up a few degrees later on. No new snow. Might as well check out another ski trail. This time the Rapid River National Cross Country Ski Trail. We don't know what makes it national but we know it's very popular with skiing friends. And we found it to be yet another great hiking destination, about 40 miles from home.

December 13, 2020 -- Pine Marten RunPine Marten Triangle Lake loop creek

About 20 miles north of us is a Forest Service recreation area called Pine Marten Run. It's mostly a horse trail system with multiple loops through pine and hardwood forests. With several camping areas it's very popular and well used in the no-snow season by the equestrian crowd. However, horse season ends Nov. 30 and with this year's extended hiking season we decided to check out these trails.


December 4, 2020 -- Enjoying Bare Ground at Days River Pathwaysteve on Days River Pathway

We continue to have dry and relatively mild weather. No snow on the ground and outdoor chores done (at least those that don't require warmer temperatures) so ...we checked out the smaller DNR Days River Pathway, north of Gladstone-Rapid River. A very nice park - it was easily navigatable whether skiing, biking, or walking, and they welcome all three. ...

* * * * * *

Copyright 2021 by Susan Robishaw and Stephen Schmeck

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