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ManyTracks' House and Home
Solar ~ Underground

by Sue Robishaw and Steve Schmeck

underground house almost finished

Building the Underground House



We traveled north to our new land in March of 1977, skied down through the woods, in three feet of crusty wet snow that would suddenly give way in a large circle leaving us to figure out how to get out. We laughed a lot. We found our spot, a small hill in a small clearing in the woods. This is where we would build our house. We went back to the city -- worked, planned, packed, dreamed, left our jobs, made our move -- May 5, 1978. The black flies were early that year, thick and voracious, so were the mosquitoes.

bulldozer moving dirtThe first dirt was dug that spring. We lived in head nets. A visiting friend swore to come back only in winter (which he did). It was hot and sunny. What a year. We worked hard and were as fit as we'd ever been. It was a great start. We planned to be in the house by fall.

We did move into the house in the fall -- of 1985. But the foundation was completed in that full summer of 1978. But most of the building was done in 1984 and 1985. We did a bit of work in between; took time off to earn money; did more work; built our homestead. What an adventure it was. It still is.

Click on the Menu Choices above left for a photo odyssey of the building of our house.

            Cheers,   Sue

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Updated 12/23/2015

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