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Wild Cherry Wine

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 Wild Cherry Wine

    Wild Cherry Wine - 4


Wild Cherry Wine 4 at Aura

New Lost Lake Rambers at Musing Festival

old time jam at Falling Rock Cafe

Steve & Sue at Manistique Farmers Market



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Steve Schmeck, fiddle  ~  Sharon Vierk, fiddle
Sue Robishaw, guitar ~ Tom Caron, bass

Traditional Music, Lively and Lovely!
Fiddle tunes old and new, and songs from near and far

Whether performing or accompanying a dinner or a party, Wild Cherry Wine will have you dancing in your chair, swaying dreamily along, or smiling in delight. The music is pure traditional acoustic pleasure with fiddles in harmony or unison, guitar picking and strumming, upright bass with that magical backbone rhythm, and Sue's cheery vocals on songs. Sometimes three, sometimes four, but whatever the number it's a fun time.

I don't remember when we first met Sharon Vierk as it seems like we've been comfortably playing together for a long time. Our paths first crossed at the Falling Rock Cafe in Munising where we converged for many years with other musicians most Wednesday nights for an old time open jam. Though we live about 75 miles apart, we enjoy playing together so we get together when we can. We share country homestead lifestyles as well as a love for a wide variety of traditional music. And since we also have in common the making of good homemade wild cherry wine, we had a ready made name! Then the ever adaptable and so talented Tom Caron joined us on his trademark fancy painted bass to our, and the audience's, delight. 

WCW Aura 2011Annually 'Wild Cherry Wine' enjoys stage time at the Aura Jamboree in July as well as adding old-time music for the fun and always interesting Trenary Fur & Feather events. We've provided background dinner music for diners, and volunteered for non-profit fundraisers; roved the wonderful historic townsite of Fayette (with appropriate historic tunes, of course), and played with other musicians around and about. It's all a good time and we're always open to new adventures.

Wild Cherry  Wine at FayetteSo check our schedule and come join us here or there for some good old time traditional (and some not so old) music. Meantime, check out the Audio page for some tunes from "Wild Cherry Wine".


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updated 02/01/2017


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