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Hand Crafted Musical Instruments 
by Steve Schmeck

I have been building and modifying musical instruments for over 60 years and still find great pleasure in this process. You can see photos of some of my past projects below.

For many years I made one-of-a-kind stringed instruments. My personal favorite is "Mandolino" at the bottom of this page, which I still have and play. Although I still do some stringed instrument repair I have found I'd rather play than make, for now.    Steve


Cherry Flutes  (Key of A)

Cherry Flutes with Cherry & Leather Boxes

Lap Dulcimer with Bow

Dulcimer Detail

'Lutimer' Head Detail

(Four-Stringed Custom Instrument)

'Folk Guitar'

'Szentar' - Custom 4-stringed Octave Mandolin
tuned like a tenor guitar
(Maple & cherry with spruce top, ebony bridge)

Viola-sized contemporary bowed instrument
(Maple neck & head, spruce top and cherry body, fingerboard and accessories)

View construction process and notes here.


"Mandolino" -  4-Stringed Mandolin
(Quarter-sawn pine top, cherry back & sides, maple neck, head & fretboard)