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"Make Your Own Wooden Flute"

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Makr Your Own Wooden Flute

Moving with the Music cover


by Steve Schmeck

Make Your Own Wooden Flute - Cover

Buy the eBook Edition for only $2.99 at:
- Amazon
- iTunes
- Barnes & Noble
- Smashwords

or get the 'workshop-friendly' paperback editions on-line...
 - Full Color Edition ... $10.75
 [Amazon] or [Createspace]

 Make Your Own Wooden Flute is available formatted for reading on your iPad, Kindle, Android device or other eBook reader and as a full color paperback if you'd rather have a hard copy next to you in the shop while making your new wood flute.

I hope you enjoy the book, make a flute or two and make lots of music!

If you do enjoy reading it I hope that you will leave a review at your favorite eBook retailer. Thanks!

Book Description

“Make Your Own Wooden Flute” is a practical, step-by-step guide to creating a simple wooden flute you can play and enjoy. You can build your own wooden flute by following the well illustrated steps presented in this compact book.

The book covers: 
– Tools 
– The process 
– Stock selection 
– Boring and roughing the blank 
– Turning the tube 
– Marking and drilling the finger holes 
– Tuning and finishing the flute 
– Playing your first tune 
– Fingering chart 
– Tunes to get you started

Each step is illustrated and the text is geared toward folks who have no prior experience making musical instruments. Additional information on how you might make multiple flutes is also provided. In the examples described in this guide I turn a piece of firewood into a nice looking and sounding wooden flute. You can do it too!

Illustrations from this book

Notes & Updates:

I have had some feedback from folks using this book to guide them in making their first wooden flute. Below are a few notes related to the flute making process:

- Lathe required?  While a wood turning lathe will simplify the flute making process it is possible to shape the outside of the flute tube with hand tools. I'd recommend using a flat-soled spokeshave. The trick is to hold the tube securely without crushing it in your vise. A pair of shop-made v-shaped vice jaws would be a good idea.
     V - Vise Jaws

- Wood moisture: Boring into the end grain of a piece of wood is often difficult. The ideal wood is a close-grained hardwood like cherry. End boring is easier if the wood is green as opposed to air or especially kiln dried. Wood from a recently felled tree is easiest to bore. I often use a piece of firewood that has not had a chance to dry much. Next best is wood that has been air dried.

- Wood sources: My best recommendation is to be alert for green wood opportunities like a tree falling in your yard or neighborhood. Arborists and tree services might have just what you are looking for.

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