Using Solar Energy on the ManyTracks Homestead




    We're thoroughly involved in using the sun and wind on our sustainable living homestead in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. We use solar electric panels for our electrical needs, a water pumping windmill to pump the water for home and garden. A solar food dryer and a solar cooker are in use spring, summer and fall. Our home is heated with hot-air solar panels and a wood-burning, soapstone woodstove. Cloudy day and winter cooking is done on a wood-burning cookstove, which also provides welcome heat

    Using these natural energy sources is not an abstract theory, it's a wonderful way of life. 

    Sue's book Homesteading Adventures has a chapter describing our integrated natural energy system (as it was in 1997). Get a copy from your library or go to our Books page to purchase one.

    The Homestead page also has a number of articles relating to our "alternative" green lifestyle, including energy use and management.

Our favorite sources for alternative energy information are...

Home Power Magazine, POB 520, Ashland OR 97520, 916-475-0830

THE print source on alternative energy; it was the first and is still the best.

Midwest Renewable Energy Association, 7558 Deer Rd, Custer WI 54423, 715-592-6595,,
MREA is responsible for the largest and oldest renewable energy fair the third weekend in June (Solstice Weekend). Highly recommended if you are at all interested in alternative energy, or alternative lifestyles and ideas.

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