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Hand Carved Wooden Spoons

by Steve Schmeck


Spoon Care
(Article by Sue)

Gathering of Spoons cover small

"A Gathering of Spoons"
by Norman Stevens

For more than thirty years I have been carving spoons by hand using native hardwoods, usually from our own woods, sometimes given to us by friends. We don't use exotic or imported woods. The spoons are made using traditional tools and methods, splitting them from the log then shaping them with hatchet, drawknife, spoke shave and gouges. This orients the spoon with the grain, making it stronger, and means a more interesting one-of-a-kind piece as I work with the natural features of the wood. 

My spoons are finished with much careful sanding to a smooth satin touch and are finished with a non-toxic edible oil.  Most are made to be used, whether in the kitchen or simply for stroking. As artists and artisans we enjoy working with wood in this fashion. 

No two spoons are alike and the inventory comes and goes. What we might have on hand at any time varies considerably. Below is a sampling of previous pieces. Most spoons are priced from $20 to $100.

Sales have been great this last year, Thanks!!
I currently have no spoons available

I am just now (November, 2014) getting into the shop and will
post new spoons right here as the are finished and available.

Spoons Available May 2014
 Here are a few of the spoons that I carved last winter. (all sold)

The spoons below are of previous work and representative of our hand carved wooden spoons.
(They have all been sold)


black cherry burl

black cherry


black cherry

white birch

black cherry

black cherry


     Updated 11/29/2014

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