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-  The Carving Process  -

'Oakie' - Carved Oak Bowl
by Steve Schmeck

This bowl was made from a piece of green red oak. The log
was about 14" in diameter and 16" long. It was first split in
half with wedges and a maul, and debarked, then...

Oak Bowl - Early phase

Oak log segment with shape
of the bottom of the bowl
roughed out

Oak Bowl - Bottom shaped...

Next day, bowl bottom
defined and legs/support
roughed out

Bowl pretty much shaped. So far
I've used just two fairly large 
gouges and three Surformtm tools.

So far I have converted about
half of this piece of oak into what
you see above and a bushel of chips.

I decided to leave chisel-marks
on the base to better define it.

At this point there is about a week
of finishing left - then it will be 
ready for final inspection and
signing ... then ready for sale.

From start to 'finish' this bowl took about three weeks of
intermittent work. The pace is sometimes set by life... but often,
especially in the case of a very fresh, green piece of wood like
this was, by allowing appropriate time for the bowl to dry. Too
rapid drying would surely crack the piece; too slow and a black
mold would form on the surface. Timing is a bit touchy.


 The Carving


This bowl is now in a private collection. (6/2004)


Updated 03/24/2016

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